The world over, bloggers and other website owners have been using Google AdSense to make money from their sites. However, there is a marked change in the trend this year. The main reason behind this shift is primarily the difficulty in getting the approval from the AdSense team for your website. Their standard replies in the rejection email make it difficult for the applicant to understand the area where their website fails to meet the Google benchmark for approval. Moreover, it is good and advisable to have a diversified source of income.

Affiliate Marketing

The top contender is still affiliate marketing schemes of well-established brands. “Affiliate” means partner or associate. Herein, the retailer or the merchant (e.g., Amazon, Groupon etc.) pays commission to an outside website for sales or traffic generated from the ads displayed on it. These ads generate interest and lead the visitors to the parent website. So, its quite clear that affiliate marketing is performance-based and payout depends on the affiliates own efforts in driving traffic to the merchant’s site.  

Propeller Ads

It is a UK based ad network which operates on CPM or Cost Per Mille. This means that you get paid for every thousand ad impressions that you generate. What matters are ad impressions even if the users click on them or not. The important thing is that you need to have stable quality traffic for approaching Propeller Ads. Their pros include sharing of nearly 80% of their ads revenue with the publishers, supporting many payment types and getting 5% of earnings of your referral for a lifetime.


Adsterra too operates on CPM and is also one of the fastest growing ad networks today. They cover approximately 190 countries and have 20K running ad campaigns. Adsterra payment options are really wide and varied. These include PayPal, wire transfer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Skrill, Paxum, and ePayments. The fact that the publishers, as well as advertisers, get their own account manager is also a point in their favor.

The only foreseeable disadvantage of Propeller Ads, as well as Adsterra, is that their minimum payout is on the higher side. But earning prospects are better than Google AdSense.

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