There was a lot of talk about NEO becoming the next Ethereum. Around 2 months ago, after the fork of Bitcoin, NEO (Antshares at this point) exploded in price tenfold – from 5$ to 50$+. The hype was astonishing as the first ICO on the platform was announced back then – Red Pulse.

Everything was going smoothly until China decided to started down the path of regulations and restrictions. People were freaking out and pulling their money out of crypto. Bitcoin went from 4800$ to less than 3000$. This is why Red Pulse was postponed because it focuses primarily on the Asian market and with this FUD, there would not be much investment.

Now the ICO is announced for the 8th of October 2017.

Red Pulse is going to be a platform where article writers can share their stories on different topics regarding Asia, but there will be also information about the American stock market. Information will mainly be in Chinese, but there will be translations in English. The authors will be paid by the company in the Red Pulse token – RPX. Payment will be made according to some rules like the volume of the article, who is posting it, how many tokens do they have and much more.

You can read more specifics in the detailed article on Red Pulse here: