Philadelphia Rapper Meek Mill is set to become a free man once again. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled that the state’s lower court must issue an order to release the rapper immediately. Mill’s most recent prison sentence was for violating parole and sparked a national debate. Civil rights leaders, rappers, and sports stars all came out to defend the rapper and criticizes the harsh ruling. Rappers Jay-Z and T.I, along with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft have been some of the most vocal supporters of Meek.

Judge Genece Brinkley had refused to free Meek on bail after the prosecutor’s request. Judge Brinkley’s decision to give Mill two to four years in prison for parole violations was seen as unnecessary. The rapper had two arrests including reckless driving in New York, but the judge’s decision was still seen as heavy-handed. Meek and his attorneys also claimed that the judge’s behavior was inappropriate during the trial.

The new order comes only one week after Philadelphia prosecutors requested that Meek’s drug and gun convictions were thrown out due to recent developments in the case. Accusations that an arresting officer in Meek’s original case lied under oath during Mill’s trial caused the prosecutors’ request.

After the news broke, Meek sent out a series of tweets. Meek’s tweets thanked God, his family, public advocates, and the Philly District Attorney’s office for their “commitment to justice.” Meek went on to say that he planned on working with his legal team to overturn his conviction and to work on solving issues in the criminal justice system.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Meek Mill has not yet been released but is expected to be freed by Tuesday evening. If Meek is released by Tuesday night, it won’t be long before he makes his first public appearance. Mill’s is a massive fan of the Philadelphia 76ers and is “more likely than not” to attend the team’s playoff game tonight. Michael Rubin, one of the 76ers owners, has been a vocal supporter of Meek and has spoken to the rapper during his time in prison.