There are dozens of methodologies on task management systems. Some people prefer emailing reminders to themselves, others scribble down tasks on a piece of paper. Lately, the trend has been using a task management app.

Apple Notes: With the latest edition of adding checkboxes, this built-in iPhone app lets you quickly record tasks as they come in and easily check them off as they’re done. There are very little customization options, and the organization is bare bones. It’s also limited to Apple devices only- which could be a problem if you’d like to share tasks with others.

Wunderlist:  Wunderlist is a cross-platform app that allows you to organize tasks, add due dates and reminders, use tags to group tasks together and so much more. It will soon be absorbed into Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft To-Do is being built by the Wunderlist team and promises all of the same features and seamless integration into Microsoft’s applications. Microsoft To-Do is currently in Preview. Click here to learn more.

Evernote: Called a digital brain by some of its users, Evernote is more than a task manager, it’s a life manager. The ability to add tasks inside of existing notes and set reminders is invaluable for those in data-heavy projects where tasks are reliant on other supporting information. Evernote uses cloud sync, has password protection at the note level, and allows you to keep offline notebooks for those items that can not be synced onto public servers. Evernote is available on nearly every device, but access to multiple devices does require a paid account. Click here to learn more.

ToDo: This app is as simple as the name. A task management app built off the famous GTD system, ToDo has the ability to sync across multiple devices, set notifications, and give tasks due dates. It has a handy today view to make sure you focus on the most important things first. Click here to learn more.

It seems like every day there is a new task management system. Finding one that can work for you can be a challenge, but at the end of the day, the best system is one you will use.

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