You can not be afraid to paint a picture and throw it away.

We have become so attached to our thoughts, ideas, material items and even people that we care about, that we try to grasp so tight and try to control them. WHY? Because we don’t trust and are insecure in thinking we will lose it (or them).

We have identified with such things so often that we would suffer if we were to no longer have it. It is quite the opposite actually…the moment you LET GO is when you actually become more creative, think more clearly, and are not held down by anything or anyone, giving you more of a peace of mind.

You are living in fear and held down by the people and things in your life because of it.  We squeeze so tight we kill its beauty. Starting from a place of love and admiration. It quickly becomes a place of hate and anger if it were to slip between your fingers. Life is an art form and we must not try to control it. There is a flow to it all. Don’t try too hard. You are in your true essence a natural.

We can not be afraid to tear down the walls of everything we thought we knew and rebuild.

Once you step outside of what you know is when you grow. The growing never ends, so stop allowing your mind to build permanent walls. Open your mind to other perspectives and don’t reprimand someone when they don’t agree! Ask them, “what has led you to believe that?” This will, in fact, raise both your and their consciousness. Everything in this life is impermanent, nothing last forever.

“You do not suffer because things are impermanent. You suffer because things are impermanent and you think they are permanent.” – Nhat Hanh

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