What happened this past August has sparked what many are calling an Astronomy revolution.

For the first time ever, we could both hear and see a cosmic collision of two neutron stars.

So why are we not talking about the fact that this proves other dimensions exist?

For the first time in our history, scientists witnessed a kilonova: two neutron stars collapsing into each other that took place 130 million years ago, resulting in a burst of gamma rays streaming through space that rippled the very fabric of the universe – finally reaching Earth on Aug. 17.

What makes this event so unique and revolutionary was that scientists were able to observe both the electromagnetic radiation (light) and the ripple effect in the fabric spacetime this cataclysm created through gravitational wave detectors developed in 2015.

The first ever optical counterpart to a gravitational wave event.

Einstein was right once again. Gravitational waves travel at lightspeed.

“LIGO’s latest gravitational wave detection has spawned an explosion of new science across the global astronomical community.”

What is a gravitational wave?

They are ripples in the shape of space and time. They allow us to observe pitch, amplitude and frequency, essentially giving us the ability to hear the universe.

In a new study released this past June, Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics suggest evidence of extra dimensions could be hiding in gravitational waves.

The researchers discovered that extra dimensions should have two different effects on gravitational waves: they would modify the “standard” gravitational waves and would cause additional waves at high frequencies above 1000 Hz. However, the observation of the latter is unlikely since the existing ground-based gravitational wave detectors are not sensitive enough at high frequencies.

Two neutron stars colliding into each other, however, each containing the mass of our sun condensed into that of a city – a teaspoon of its material weighing about one-billion tons on Earth.

This is exactly what they have been waiting for.

Continue reading the full article for a mind-blowing explanation of what all this means.

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