Everyone has heard of Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google virtual assistants. They are indeed common household names now. But, there is another one which is working its way through the roads less traveled and fast becoming a professional assistant. Welcome to Watson Assistant from IBM.    

How Is Watson Unique?

So far each known virtual assistant is pre-programmed to perform certain functions and refers to data from fixed sources. However, IBM has come up with a one of a kind concept where the assistant will work in the background without being in your face. Any company who decides to use Watson will be able to make their own version of it using the data that is relevant to them. Not only that, but they can also call it anything. In simple words, Watson is a professional revolution that is going to be highly specialized in whichever field it is used.

Watson is not a device but a program that can be embedded into any device that operates on IoT technology. So, it can be used in smartphones, computers, tablets, home security devices, hotel rooms, conference halls, medical establishments, cars, buses, trains etc. The scope of Watson is as wide as your imagination.

Is Watson Really Any Good?

From the looks of it, Watson is here to stay in a big way that makes a difference. For example, IBM and Arthritis Research UK are collaborating to provide information as well as help to people who suffer from arthritis. The team is going to make sure that people who are seeking help in this regard have personalized information and other relevant data from the Arthritis Research UK website. This information will be delivered in the form of a conversation and will be accessible through computers and mobile phones. Helping people in such a professional and specialized capacity is indeed quite challenging. But, in the end, a beneficial thing for those people who don’t know where to find reliable answers.  

Coming back to the above question, Watson, if used optimally and judiciously, is a dark horse just waiting to break all the barriers. So be on the lookout.

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Mahima Tiwari
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