President Donald Trump announced Monday that he is directing the Pentagon to create a space force and make it the sixth branch of the military, and the news launched inspired creativity from funny social media people mocking the plan.

Posts I saw on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube make references to Scott Baio, “Space Chimps,” the Space Force Academy, “Star Wars,” Jabba the Hut, Princess Leia, Mighty Mouse, “Spaceballs,” the half-dog and half-man known as Barf, “To Stupidity and Beyond,” “Space Forcing Families Apart” and “Join Trump’s Space Farce Today.”

Words and images from the Twitter force

Writer Tony Posnanski delivers hilarious breaking fake space news about the actor who played Chachi Arcola.

Mike Del Tufo of “The Rich Eisen Show” mentions a silly space adventure movie from 2008.

Joseph Goodman, a columnist for the Alabama Media Group, brings up an excellent question.

Diane Sevenay of Funny or Die shares this “Star Wars”-themed meme from

Signe Wilkinson, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist best known for her work at the Philadelphia News, delivers a comic vision of the plump Trump in Mighty Mouse mode.

Words and images from the Instagram force

Drunkcatdad shares this post of Trump as Barf, the Chewbacca parody the late John Candy played in the 1987 Mel Brooks movie “Spaceballs,” a spoof of “Star Wars.”

A frequent sharer from New York City found this Trump Jetson post created by artist RmAn305.

Graphics designer Andy Brill wastes little time coming up with a space force logo.

Words and images from the Facebook force

A new page called Trump Space Force shares an editorial cartoon from Lalo Alcaraz.


Posted by Trump Space Force on Monday, June 18, 2018

An Imgflip meme shared with Dump Trump Daily in April, when Vice President Mike Pence announced a new national space traffic management policy.


Posted by Carl Hodges on Monday, April 2, 2018

Words, images and music from the YouTube force

The Liberal Redneck delivers an expletive-filled rant about space forcing families apart.

The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction put together this entertaining compilation of clips.

Featured image credit: The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction YouTube channel