For decades Philadelphia sports have had terrible luck and a terrible reputation. The Eagles have been known more for its rabid fan base then for winning games. The city has been an easy target and one that other fans love to hate. The Eagles first Super Bowl win might be changing the city’s heart and image.

Chip Kelly killed the organization

Before current Head Coach Doug Pederson took over, Chip Kelly was the man leading the organization. Kelly came up with high expectations, and over his first two seasons, he won games. Slowly, Kelly also took over the General Manager role, he cut and traded a mass number of players. He also decided to fire employees that he didn’t think were necessary.

After three seasons Kelly was fired, and the team had to start rebuilding. Pederson was brought over from Kanas City to be head coach. The team drafted Quarterback Carson Wentz, rebuilt itself, and then went on to win its first Super Bowl.

Most organizations may have forgotten about the employees that had been fired by Kelly, but the Eagles never did.

Super Bowl Rings

Carol Cullen was one of many Kelly causalities. She had worked for the team since 1985 before Kelly suddenly and unexpectedly relieved her of her duties.

“Chip just said my job was no longer needed,” Cullen said about being fired.

Cullen worked with Pederson when he was an assistant with the Eagles. When he came back to be Head Coach the two stayed in contact. Throughout the playoffs they texted, and Cullen suggested plays Pederson should run including the flea-flicker.

After the team won the Super Bowl, Cullen got an email informing her that she would be getting a ring. At first, she thought it was a mistake, but the team quickly assured her that it wasn’t. Cullen was fitted for a ring and given one at a private ceremony held 2300 Arena in South Philly.

It is unclear who pushed for Cullen to get a ring, but she believes that it was owner Jeffery Lurie. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the Eagles made one of the classiest moves of all time.