“If There Are Super Intelligent Aliens, They’re Probably Already Observing Us” – Elon Musk

“Yes there has been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. . . . I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.” – Doctor Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the moon (source)

Multiple leaks by now have begun to create a strong indication that an alien object(s) is being tracked in space.

Boeing X-37B: The Most Mysterious, Yet Advanced Unmanned Aircraft Ever Operated

What began as a NASA project back in 1999, but was later taken over by the Dept. of Defense in 2004, the X-37B, considered the most mysterious, yet advanced autonomous aircraft ever operated has just past 700 days in orbit. Launched in 2015 on its second mission, its purpose, as well as the cargo it carries, are classified. No leaks have come forth.

Its first mission garnered so much attention that in 2015, the media briefly caught wind of it.

Due to overwhelming pressure, the Air Force had to issue a statement about its purpose on its first mission:

“[We] are investigating an experimental propulsion system on the X-37B on Mission 4,” Captain Chris Hoyler, an Air Force spokesman, told Space.com.

He added the vehicle’s mission “cannot be specified” but that it will enhance “the development of the concept of operations for reusable space vehicles”.

So if all they are doing is testing propulsion systems, why all the secrecy to begin with? Why is the cargo it carries classified? If they admitted they were testing propulsion systems on its first mission, why keep the second mission a secret?

Multiple theories exist as to its purpose, one of which is that it is tracking an alien object, possibly the infamous Black Knight satellite.

Or possibly to track the numerous objects being photographed by Hubble and NASA observatories.

Massive Objects Captured By Hubble and NASA


Cigar Shapes Captured By Hubble Within Orion Nebula


NASA Images of Unexplained Earth Sized Spherical Objects Inside Corona


On March 30, 2017 NASA’s SOHO satellite AIA 131 captured this image:

NASA Reports Seeing 1st Confirmed Alien Object to Enter Earth’s Solar System

Asteroid 11/2017 U1 was discovered October 19, 2017, by the NASA-funded Pan Starrs1 telescope in Hawaii.

Though they claim this to be merely a chunk of debris from another solar system, one cannot help but notice the similar cigar shape, which NASA even claims is extremely unusual.

Its name Hawaiian name Oumuamua means ‘messenger from afar arriving first’.

Messenger from afar arriving first …

In a statement, the $100m Seti project Breakthrough Listen said: “Researchers working on long-distance space transportation have previously suggested that a cigar or needle shape is the most likely architecture for an interstellar spacecraft since this would minimize friction and damage from interstellar gas and dust.

“While a natural origin is more likely, there is currently no consensus on what that origin might have been, and Breakthrough Listen is well positioned to explore the possibility that Oumuamua could be an artifact.”

Asteroid 2010 KQ: Yet Another Mysterious Object

Discovered on May 16, 2010, by Richard Kowalski at the Catalina Sky Survey, NASA announced that this was is not an asteroid, but is certainly of an artificial origin.

What’s even more unusual is its orbit. Once in Earth’s orbit, it remained in close proximity for several months before beginning to head back out into space.

The object used no propulsion while under observation, however many theorize it had to use some kind of power source due to its sudden change in position and velocity.

Breaking 06/18/18:

Trump orders establishment of ‘Space Force’ as 6th branch of the military.

Now we need a military presence in space?

To Summarize:

Numerous leaks of unusual objects being tracked and photographed cannot be coincidental. Launching what they consider to be the most advanced autonomous aircraft, whose capabilities and cargo are highly classified into space for several years is not up there testing propulsion technologies.

Trump creates a new branch of the military dedicated to space …

Something is going on around our planet that the US military and NASA are aware of – and they are tracking it.

It could also be related to Planet 9, or what NASA calls it: Trappist-1 …

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