“Mosaic,” the HBO murder mystery that made a five-night opening run last week, was fascinating and frustrating to watch.

I was hooked right from the start because of the cast, the characters, the director, the story, the scenes, the scenery and the suspense.

“Mosaic” is a whodunit in which Sharon Stone plays the slain Olivia Lake, a children’s author and illustrator. This was as addictive as the “Fargo” TV series, whose Ewan McGregor season in 2017 ranks as one of the best crime dramas of all time. Then something went wrong.

It was the sixth and final episode Friday. The miniseries ended with plot holes about the killer, a tattoo, a bumper sticker and a rare chemical element.

What’s the damn deal, Steven Soderbergh? You’re the director.

It turns out you have to go to the “Mosaic” app for answers.

Imagine getting caught up in reading a novel and then finding out you have to get an app for the rest of the story. I’d break something trying to throw the book out the window.

Imagine if back in the day, you watched an intense episode of “Matlock” and as the credits rolled at the end of the show, you saw a toll-free number to call to hear Andy Griffith tell you the rest of the story.

C’mon, it’s all too much.

I’m not getting the “Mosaic” app, even though it’s a free download because I’ve invested more than enough time in this series.

The creators need to rework the final HBO episode to give viewers the complete story.

Don’t kill us with info overload.

SOURCEPhoto: Time Warner Inc.
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John E. Bialas
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