Civic is a platform about identity verification and authorization along with KYC services via their mobile apps for Android and iOS, that is already operational and working to get more clients and partners. The founder is Vinny Lingham, a serial entrepreneur, and a famous personality in the cryptocurrency sphere. He does, however, come with a mixed reputation – some people don’t like him. There have been 340 million CVC tokens emitted upon their ICO, and 660 million more to come.

The CVC token is going to be used for different purposes in the Civic platform, which is supposed to create demand for it. It can be traded at many exchanges, including Poloniex and Bittrex.

Their white paper goes on into length about the uses for identity verification, validation and authorization, and how big of an untapped market that is. They have released a roadmap for future development with several technical improvements in the upcoming months and business expansion throughout 2018.

Whoever believes that cryptocurrency will continue to exist and be a good (while not illegal) investment vehicle for at least one more year, can hold on to Civic as a long-term investment. Vinny has stated that he is not interested in price speculation or pumping the value of the coin.

I am not very inclined to buy at current price of 30-something cents per token considering a max supply of a whole billion tokens and a promise for some return a year from now. I would buy at $0.01-$0.10 if I could, but I think at 30 cents it is overpriced.

A final note, there is a WordPress plugin coming up, but that would be big news only if it became a part of the stock WordPress platform. There are also rumors about adopting Civic; Wikihow already has.

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