Ark is an extremely ambitious, high-quality, cleanly implemented project that, relying on its end-user-centric approach, aspires to bring all-in-one blockchain solutions to the people. The team is comprised of 30 professionals with diverse backgrounds, is marketing-savvy, and is working with a fast pace towards achieving their goal.

Some of the features they offer:

  • blockchain as a service
  • multifunctional wallet
  • decentralized file storage
  • decentralized database
  • SmartBridge gluing the gap between the most prominent blockchains out there
  • gaming platform
  • anonymous transactions
  • Internet of Things based hardware devices to facilitate communication and payments
  • and much much more…

Ark’s roadmap is filled with so many projects and new features that it would make one’s head spin. It seems too ambitious at times but there are several new milestones approaching.

Although there have been very good steady gains in the past, looking at the quality of the work done in combination with the utility value and the planned roadmap features, I don’t think you can go wrong if you invest in ARK, which I will definitely do when I get the chance. Not a high-risk high-reward investment, but rather, a profitable one – I am almost certain of it.

You can read the entire report on 40+ indicators about ARK, here:
Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, it is merely an opinion for informational purposes. Investing is a risky matter, people should do their own research and we are not liable for potential losses.