With the influx of new technology and innovation about, 3D printing is becoming widely popular. However, most of us think that 3D printers are very expensive and bulky because they are fairly new technology. Fortunately for us, the future is here! The Micro is a 3D printer promising that anyone can be able to print cool stuff without any hassle, but can this printer truly deliver? Let’s find out.


Weighing around one kilogram and around the size of a 7.3-inch cube, this printer can be connected via USB and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Unlike other printers which only support one type of filament spools, this printer is capable of supporting all three types of filament spools as long as they around 1.75mm in size. However, standard rolls are also accepted by the printer. It has a custom 3d software that can be used by beginners and advanced users alike.

Pros vs. Cons

The printer can be easily set up since it has a plug-and-play feature. Software installment is easy and the software tells you of instructions on how to load the filaments to the printer and calibration does not take long.

Printing itself makes it easy for kids to use. Because it is only comprised of few parts, it is easy to maintain for its size and is also affordable for its quality. Customer service is also responsive to those who need them. Unlike most 3D printers, The Micro is quiet when printing.

However, the printer itself also has some shortcomings such as inconsistency in print quality and that the printer is not compatible with any other 3D printing software if advanced users find using its current software to be problematic and restrictive. As with any 3D printer nowadays, the speed is still very slow.


For beginners and kids who want to delve in 3D, this is the perfect printer for them because they can easily transport their printer from one place to another and will have no problems maintaining it. However, this is not the 3D printer that most advanced users will like because there are better printers out there that can cater to their needs.

Overall, this is a good basic 3D printer that consumers can definitely use if they don’t mind having some inconsistency with print quality which is only off for about some centimeters at most and is patient with having to wait a while.

Check out their Kickstarter page where it all began!