Twitter as a social media outlet is a leviathan. It has become a huge part of modern-day life in the Western world, with many people relying on it for new and the truth. It has also given access to celebrities like never before and allowed people to have an instant platform for their opinions. It is an incredibly huge as a part of our society, like it or not.

As a business, however, it has always struggled and has never been able to post a profit, until now. It released their fourth-quarter finances and it was in the black for the first time in its 12 year history. The company managed to cut costs and ended years of doubt about whether they could ever be profitable. The future remains uncertain as the social media climate can be as volatile as some of Twitter’s users.

The service is equally known for the bad it can bring out of people, as well as the good. It’ll never quite reach the heights of Facebook with the number of users, but it’ll be interesting to see how it rebrands itself over the coming years.

Increasing the 140 character limit has apparently increased use, and things are starting to look up. The shareholders will be happy with the profit and confident that it won’t be the last time it does so. For all its changes and updates, it still feels as though Twitter is trying to establish what it is.

Continuing to grow is a challenge for any business, for Twitter, it’s especially hard. This is a business like no other before, and removing its bad parts has proved incredibly difficult, and it’ll face continued pressure to introduce more security checks and accountability.

For all its flaws, Twitter has changed the way we live. News is instant, and more reliable. Everyone is more accountable for their views and it’s brought the world closer together. To continue to promote its good points, the social media giant needs to thrive as a business. For the first time in its history, it is starting to do just that. May the hashtags live on.