The dawn and dusk of 2017 have brought many interesting food trends. From creative and crazy desserts to sprinkling gold dust on food, and even the unicorn colored food phase; the year had a lot to offer. However, not every trend came with nutritional value, in fact, most were packed with sugar, fats and a whole lot of calories.

This article explores some of the health food trends of 2017 that you can expect to continue in 2018.

Zucchini pasta

If you are a foodie then you have probably heard of this fascinating trend where the normal pasta filled with gluten and carbohydrates is replaced with long strands of chopped up zucchini. It is a healthier option because it is gluten-free and fat-free and is perfect for people trying to lose weight. Though it is an acquired taste, the trend that began in 2017 is still taking social media by storm in 2018.

Acai berries

The acai berry is a dark purple fruit that is native to northern South America countries. It was recently recognized as a superfood in 2017 due to its many health benefits; the top being a high amount of antioxidants. This nutritional value has pushed the acai trend beyond original expectations with people incorporating it in creative ways. From using them in milkshakes to breakfast toppings and even as sugar supplements for those who want to cut down on sugar. Perhaps the most interesting one is mixing acai berry powder with honey and using it as a face mask.

Golden Lattes

Golden lattes are a fun and healthy twist to your normal milk lattes. This popular trend that was inspired by pumpkin spice lattes contains unsweetened plant-based milk such as almond milk, coconut oil, ginger, black pepper, honey, and turmeric. Turmeric is the crowning ingredient in these lattes because it contains anti-inflammatory effects.

Green chips

Like the name suggests, chips are turning green in color and it could not be healthier. Green chips are a much healthier alternative to potato chips because they are made from seaweed, kelp, and kale. It is becoming a popular trend with stores and supermarkets stacking them up for sale.  The best thing about the green chips is that you can make them at home which will allow you to get creative and know what works for you.