One of the best kept travel secrets is not booking ahead of time, but knowing when to book. September, October, November, and even early December are by far the cheapest months to fly, stay, and enjoy across the globe. These time periods are called “dead zones”, and make for cheaper hotel and rental cars, shorter airport lines, and even easier access to tourist attractions. 

During these “dead zone” months, you will save money traveling anywhere. By month, it is cheapest to travel to:

September: Japan, New Orleans, Orlando
October: St. Maarten, Costa Rica, Breckenridge
November: Lake Tahoe, Reno, Dominican Republic
December: Napa-Sonoma, Germany, Greece

Beyond finding cheap travel deals, September through December is also considered “couples season”. Couple’s season is defined by time periods where children are less likely to travel (i.e. in school), and hotels often give special deals and coupons to traveling couples.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of the incredible deals the off-season has to offer. The best time is now to travel! To learn more about how to make the most out of these incredible deals, visit and find my guide to cheapest travel.   

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Amelia Weiss
As a Florida State University alum, Amelia works as a graphic designer and public relations professional in Orlando, Florida. With a passion for traveling and sharing stories with others, Amelia created her website to encourage others to throw their worries to the wind and travel on their own.