Often when the worst happens, the best of people come out. With the aftermath still being dealt with, Hurricane Harvey has already been dubbed one of, if not, the costliest natural disaster in American history.

The flooding in Houston has shocked many across the country who have watched it unfold through the media, or happened to suffer a first-hand experience. With millions of people needing financial assistance, sports franchises and athletes have been able to help the victims of Harvey start to repair their lives again.

The City of Houston has pro sports teams in three of the four major leagues: the Houston Texans (NFL), Houston Astros (MLB), and the Houston Rockets (NBA). All three franchises have contributed greatly to the relief efforts for Harvey; with the Texans donating $1 million, Astros donating $4 million, and Leslie Alexander, owner of the Rockets, donating $10 million.

Texans defensive lineman, J.J. Watt has been the most notable athlete to raise money; donating up to $100,000 out of pocket, with his foundation raising over $10 million.

One of the more creative ways to donate came from University of Houston basketball coach Kelvin Sampson and baseball coach Todd Whitting. Both of whom have requested t-shirts and sneakers from teams across the country to clothe victims of the storm.

The impact of the storm has also had an effect on local sporting events.

The Texans-Cowboys preseason game, scheduled to be played in Houston was moved to Arlington, TX, and then cancelled altogether. In the MLB, the Rangers and Astros have moved their scheduled three-game series to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. The series has turned into a philanthropic event, where the Rays will donate all revenue made from the series to Harvey relief efforts.

As for how you can donate, there a number of ways: to donate to the Red Cross, text HARVEY to 90999 for a $10 donation, or text STORM to 51555 to make a donation to the Salvation Army. Every dollar counts.