Matthew Abecassis took a gamble in 2017 that is quickly paying off…

For years, founder Serge Abecassis designed fashion apparel and footwear of all kinds but realized that there was always a tradeoff. Fashion or Comfort. Quality or Value.

Serge set out to create the perfect shoe that incorporated all these features.

With the footwear industry’s continued momentum shift to dress casual and sneakers, the goal was to encompass all the important attributes in a shoe that appeals to you, the savvy person who wants to be fashionable without compromising fit, comfort, and value.

When all the pieces came together, Serge partnered with his son, Matthew, and KICKO was born. The brand immediately became a hit with trendsetters, club goers and especially, street dancers.

KICKO is bold patterns and colors, KICKO is simple beauty, KICKO is everything for everyone, allowing you to find your comfort while expressing your individualism.

Feel It…

Feel the unparalleled comfort of our proprietary outsole and construction.

Love It…

Love the way these shoes make you look, perfectly accessorizing every outfit.

Kick It…

Be a part of the brand that lets you freely express who you are.

Don’t just take it from me, check them out at

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