American whiskey is the perfect companion for foodies everywhere.

Rye whiskies are the perfect match for any steak. A Cherrywood adds a fruity touch, Old Tahoe Honey Rye gives a sweeter taste or Michter’s Single Barrel has a peppery and spiciness that can be drank alongside or used to make a rich whiskey sauce.

Pork dishes pair particularly well with the apple influence found in some whiskies. The most abrupt and apple-some would be Jim Beam’s apple flavoured bourbon. However, for more subtlety, the Woodford Rye adds a perfect balance of apple and sweet spice that also works well when used in cooking.

A sweet, sticky tasting whiskey such as Jack Daniel’s No.7 is the perfect companion for barbecued ribs. Used to make the sauce, drink alongside or both this is one seriously moreish combination.

Don’t disclude fish and seafood dishes when it comes to whiskey pairing. Lighter in colour, mellow whiskies are perfect for marinating smoked salmon overnight or darker more robust expressions pair well with mussels, also great when splashed over them during cooking.

Cheese experts in Scotland have said that whiskey pairs better with cheeses than wine does, due to coating the palate. Soft cheeses will pair well with those offering nutty and dark fruit notes whilst hard cheeses pair well with the earthy, fruity and nutty notes that balance with those of peat smoke found in the Westland peated American single malt.

An apple pie can be made even more delicious with the Bulleit Bourbon 10. Drizzled over the top of hot or cold pie the notes of vanilla, cinnamon and dried fruit ooze through.

Whiskey is also a great companion for chocolate. White chocolate matches perfectly with the sweet yet peppery notes of the Bower Hill Barrel Reserve. Milk chocolate goes with the various notes of the Elijah Craig small batch, including coconut, vanilla, nuts, caramel and dark fruits. For an intense match to dark chocolate, the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut is the perfect choice. An array of tastes will compliment the bitter cocoa as notes of oak wood, soft marshmallow, honeycomb, caramel, spices and orange peel fill the nose and cover the palate.

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