For most of us, a burger and fries is the best meal in the world. Sadly though, it falls under the foods-to-avoid category.

What Happens To Your Body

Shortly after consumption, the burger and fries meal causes increased fat levels in the blood, and especially LDL cholesterol. The carbs from the white bread and the fries, foods with a high glycemic index, cause an immediate increase in glucose levels in the blood, which is followed by a similar increase in insulin levels. Insulin is required to bring glucose levels in the blood back to normal. Insulin is also the hormone that promotes fat storage. So it ‘directs’ extra fat and carbs to your liver, where they are transformed into triglycerides and stored as fat throughout your body. The worst of it is that the abrupt increase in insulin is followed by the equally abrupt reduction of glucose in the blood, leaving you to crave more food! You should also be wary of the high salt content, which covers 50% of recommended daily consumption and has an immediate impact on arteries and blood.

Don’t Worry!

The symptoms described above are temporary and your body finds its balance within a few hours. The tendency though, to eat these types of meals puts both your weight and your health at risk. The goal is to be healthy by making better eating habits a way of life.

A balanced diet should leave room for all of your favorite foods. You should enjoy everything in moderation. Just remember that there’s a difference between eating that burger with fries after a good workout or eating it on the couch in front of the tv.

The Un-Nutritional Profile Of A Burger With Fries

In its most basic variation, you get about 900 calories from a burger with fries. There are 40 grams fat, most of these saturated fats, 100 grams carbs, 30 grams protein and 2.5 grams salt.

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