Waves is a fully functional project, led by Russian physicist Sasha Ivanov.

I’d like to start off by mentioning that they just revamped their website and it looks much better. Their core functionality is a decentralized exchange, where the Waves token works as the base currency. There is a dead-simple registration process and users can buy Bitcoin with their credit cards for use with purchasing Waves.

Their even bigger feature, however, is the ability for users to create and issue their own tokens. To this point, 4600 such tokens have been created, and in this way Waves essentially serves as an ICO platform, going head to head with Ethereum and a few others. There have been several big ICOs launched on their platform, the most popular one being Burger King’s whopper coin.

The price is currently $3.50 and in terms of whether Waves is a good investment opportunity…I am still undecided. They have implemented and released most of their functionality, but there are some small updates coming, which are supposed to facilitate mass adoption.  This is the main struggle of decentralized exchanges – the biggest problem being lack of volume/liquidity. Waves could, in my opinion, will increase its price linearly rather than exponentially, at least for the near future.

Although the Russian government is considering banning ordinary people from buying cryptocurrencies, and ICOs are under fire, Waves works proactively in the direction of making everything about their platform as legal and accessible as possible. One example being, tokens created on their platform, are obliged to undergo a KYC/AML process beforehand.

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Kaloyan Roussev
An Android developer with a wide entrepreneurial background, Kaloyan has now developed a keen interest in Cryptocurrencies as a mid-term investor. He is also the author and owner of CryptoHydra.com.