One of the largest corporations in America will be doing even more in due time. Wal-Mart announced recently that they are expecting to launch a same day delivery service in the most populous city here in the United States. New York City, which doesn’t even have a Wal-Mart in the area, will be utilizing the recently acquired Parcel to come through on their promises.

Parcel, a service that delivers groceries as well as other items, will be the company in charge of delivering Wal-Mart’s countless goods to its growing customer base. How will they be capable of completing a task with no Wal-Mart in close range of the city? Parcel has a warehouse located in Brooklyn. This startup has gained a major following in the Northeast and has been delivering household items and food to people in the Big Apple since 2014. Impressively, less than 3 years later, the company that pulled in almost $500 billion in revenues last year purchased them.

This move comes at a good time, as Amazon has set off the home delivery service boom in recent years. In a decision that seems to be made to rival Amazon, Wal-Mart should get a ton of customers and word of mouth considering where they’ll be starting their delivery journey. The main question is will they be able to keep good on their word? Same day delivery is already a tough task to live up to, not to mention in a city as congested on the roads as New York. If they do indeed live up to what they say, this opportunity should be prosperous to say the least.

Wal-Mart had already been testing delivery services in the City when they acquired Jet for $3.3 billion back in 2016. With hopes to expand that ability, Parcel is just another way that Wal-Mart can maintain dominance even in places they aren’t located. Time will tell if they made the right move.