Upon hearing that SegWit2x will no longer go through (rogue entity BitPico threatens to execute), the Bitcoin community witnessed classic pump and dumps carried out between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The miners made a killing while pretty much everyone else lost money, which in turn feed profits to the banks.

Bankers Control Bitcoin

The SegWit update and Lightening network are the creations of the Bitcoin Core development team, which many fail to realize all work for the same two companies Blockstream and Chaincode.

AXA Strategic Ventures are one of Blockstream’s core investors, having donated over $55 million. They represent a larger conglomerate known as the AXA Group, whose CEO Henri De Castries also happens to be the chairman of the Bilderberg Group since 2012. (source)

The Bilderberg Group needs to be taken seriously, enough with the tin hat mainstream media regurgitation. This is a group that represents the most powerful people in the world, and to think that they do not meet to strategize how to retain their power, or more of it, is asinine.

This group has completely taken control of social media surrounding Bitcoin, such as  /r/Bitcoin, which only permits pro-Blockstream related content.

They had no interest in raising the Bitcoin block size as their entire business model is based off of sidechains that generate revenue from a slower and more expensive chain.

Bitcoin Cash is no different and is anything but decentralized:

Bitmain is the sole dominant miner on the BCH network. They receive their funding from the Chinese government.

“The more bitcoin miners who set up shop in the China, the greater the control the PBOC exercises over the global bitcoin market.”

Now It Gets Interesting

Barry Silbert, Head of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), which was founded by the New York Federal Reserve and is now the sole owner of the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) sits on the board of Blockstream, along with Federal Reserve Officer Larry Summers.

According to DCG’s portfolio page, they fund Coinbase, Kraken, Coindesk, Ripple, ZCash, Civic, …

DCG has also been quietly pushing Bitcoin Cash as a backup …

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