If your cups of hot winter coffee are starting to get a bit boring, make them more interesting by adding a drop of something special.

Irish Coffee

Probably the most famous coffee and alcohol combination.

Irish Coffee is said to have been invented by Michael Nugent. It later became famous during the 1940s when Joe Sheridan served it to American tourists in Foynes, Ireland. Joe had been employed by Michael when he had worked in Temple Bar, Dublin and had enjoyed creating new cocktails.

Jameson Irish whiskey is one of the leading brands of whiskey worldwide, it was also reported to be the 15th most popular liquor brand in the US during 2017.  Use it to make your Irish coffee by layering the Jameson, black coffee and pouring cream in a hot drinks glass.

Aniseed Coffees

Go Mediterranean by adding a clear white aniseed liqueur such as the Italian Sambuca or Greek Ouzo. To spice it up a notch, make it Columbian style by serving it in a hot drink glass topped with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Go Caribbean

Add dark rum to your coffee. Jamaican coffee with Jamaican rum is a definite win here. Add your choice of cream on the top and decorate it with a coffee bean or two.

Scotch Whisky Coffee

Quick and simple. Pour black coffee into a large size mug, add a generous splash of Ballantine’s blended Scotch and brown sugar to taste.

Be Spanish

The Spanish enjoy their carajillos, basically it’s a small coffee made with a splash of their favourite tipple. Put an American mark on this with Buffalo Trace’s cream liqueur. It’s incredibly moreish!

Polish Vodka

It’s not very often that the Polish mix their vodka with anything, they are more likely to have it alongside. But for the rest of us Polish vodka and coffee is a good mix, over the warm summer months, it’s also refreshing served over ice.

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Jennifer Hardy
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