Following the mysterious evacuation and shutdown of the New Mexico Solar Observatory on Sept. 6th, along with public access being removed from the AXIS 232D Network Dome Camera located in Sydney Australia, we are now seeing a buildup of failures and shutdowns of any and all access to space:

  • March 27: NASA delays the launch of James Webb Space Telescope until 2020 due to the need for more testing of the telescope’s intricate systems and setbacks, including tears in the tennis-court-size sun shield.
  • June 10: NASA has placed the Opportunity Mars rover into safe mode due to a sandstorm. It is currently still offline.
  • Sept. 5: A hole was discovered on the International Space Station that Russia is indicating was an attempt at sabotage to bring down the station. As of now, the 3 astronauts appear to be marooned.
  • Sept. 19: NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity has gone offline due to an unknown glitch.
  • Oct. 5: Hubble has gone into safe mode due to a failed gyroscope.
  • Oct. 10: NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has gone offline also due to a failed gyroscope.
  • Oct. 11: The Soyuz rocket (used to transport astronauts to and from ISS) suffered a mission launch failure, forcing the 2 Russian astronauts to make an emergency landing.
  • NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has been offline and will be for several weeks. The latest known images were taken Sept. 19.

Update: While NASA still indicates SOHO is undergoing maintenance and shows only the latest images being taken 9/19, spaceweatherlive is showing current images.

There are a total of 36 solar observatories across the globe. It was initially reported that 7 other webcams simultaneously went offline and virtually every media outlet ran with this as fact – most still are. In reality, only the NSO and AXIS 232D webcam was taken down. Why the AXIS 232D Dome Camera switched to private access in Australia is unclear, however why the NSO was raided is a different story.

Update: New Mexico Solar Observatory

On Sept. 15 ex-FBI investigator John DeSouza predicts the FBI will release an official cover story on Sept. 20th.

Sept. 20th: The official cover story is released, explaining why the FBI suddenly seized and evacuated the New Mexico Solar Observatory was due to a Janitor using the observatory’s WIFI to download and distribute child pornography. Bear in mind, this official statement took 10 days to release and they never disclosed this to the local sheriff. This also required, according to the local sheriff, a Blackhawk helicopter, FBI work crews, and the entire evacuation of the town.

At the time of publishing this article, no individuals have been charged or arrested for this offense. 

So why was the New Mexico National Observatory raided and seized by the FBI and the entire town evacuated?

Here is what we now know about the NSO:

  • Aug. 23: NSO announces a new era of solar physics is upon us:

  • DKIST (NSO) is a state of the art telescope and considered to be the world’s largest telescope for observing solar activity. The DKIST is capable of observing the Sun in visible to near-infrared wavelengths and will correct for atmospheric conditions, producing high-resolution images. It is considered to be the only one of its kind.
  • Within 2 weeks of DKIST becoming active, NSO is raided by the FBI, shutting it down along with evacuating the entire town.
  • There is a rumor that the residents of Sunspot were paid cash and forced to sign NDAs. Whether or not this is accurate has yet to be determined, still waiting to hear back from contacted sources and I will update once I receive something official.
  • NSO is located near White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base, which is legendary in Ufology. Dr. Michael Salla of provides convincing documentation, research, and witnesses of a meeting that took place between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrial diplomats at the base in 1954. NSO is also less than a 2-hour drive from the infamous town of Roswell.
  • Simon Parkes, who airs a bi-weekly show called “Connecting Consciousness”, is a lifelong researcher, former abductee, and has numerous family connections to various intelligence agencies. In an interview by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot, Parkes confirms that the New Mexico Solar Observatory (DKIST) is the finest in the world at capturing images of the Sun from Earth and has equipment more advanced than most other solar observatories.

Simon Parkes goes on to explain that the NSO did indeed capture images of craft around the Sun. He explains this is why the local post office was also shut down, to prevent any leakage of information.

It is important to note that most mainstream media outlets that ran a story on the NSO shutdown went out of their way to emphasize that the observatory did not see aliens, most stating this “fact” in the title of their articles. Seems rather defensive.

I would also like to quickly discuss images being captured by Gina Maria Colvin Hill. In my first article covering the sudden seizure of the NSO, I included images that she was capturing of objects around the Sun and connected them to videos/images being taken from NASA. Shortly after that article was published, a researcher that goes by the name Nightowl Skywatcher showed how he could replicate the same images in his own home. Numerous experts have since come forth, debunking her photos, even reaching out to her to try and explain what they are so she can save face. She blocks anyone who questions her photos and seems to be loving the hollow fame she is acquiring. The fact remains, her photos are fake and they should not be included as part of this investigation.

Continuing on, Parkes then makes a connection to D-Wave quantum computing, linking to the work of scientist and astronomer Dr. Eamonn Ansbro, who has been developing a quantum experiment to contact extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional entities. The NSO has been experimenting with these very same ideas of contact and Parkes explains the craft witnessed were the result of quantum communications. The craft appears to be altering the frequency of the light and energy of the Sun to assist humanity to a more positive outcome. This could explain the unusual solar activity that was being reported around the time the NSO was seized.

Parkes explains that the raid on NSO was ordered by the military with connections to the White House in order to control disclosure. They first want us to recognize all of the other crimes against humanity, such as child trafficking, 911 truth, and debt slavery before unveiling that we are not alone as the final piece to the puzzle.

Whether or not any of this is accurate, it certainly seems to correlate to the multiple shutdowns and failures we are now seeing of various instruments used to provide access to space. It certainly seems as if the powers that be do not want us to see something.


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