Estimated to be on October 23, around 6 am UTC will be the mining of Bitcoin block 491,407. This will start the Bitcoin hard fork, spawning a new cryptocurrency being called Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

There is a lot going on with this SegWit update, that as a digital currency enthusiast, one should be aware of.

This fork represents part of the civil war that is unfolding between the dominion that central banks have over this planet and the seemingly unstoppable decentralization that blockchain technology is spreading.

Though surrounding itself with good intentions, the BTG development team has left those paying attention to decide as to whether they are legitimate or trying to pull a fast one.

Are they truly attempting to realign Bitcoin with Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision? Is the negative media factual? Or is it yet another example of manipulation by central banks to maintain control in preparation for the next hard fork occurring in November.

As a Bitcoin investor, it is important to understand that you will be rewarded with an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Gold so long as your currency is stored correctly.

Read my full article to gain a more introspective view on what is happening in the world of Bitcoin and how you can best prepare for what may come. I included an updated list of exchanges and wallets that will/will not support the coming fork.

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