Learning from its past mistakes, Uber is stepping into a future that is not only technologically advanced but also a pressing need of time. Road transport is already chock-a-block. Traveling from one place to another in the least amount of time still seems like a dream. But Uber in its high-handed manner has decided to bring about a change…a change for the better. Their idea is to increase the height of transportation a few thousand feet.  

Uber Flying Taxi At Your Service

In a few years from now, when you book a taxi through Uber, you just might have to climb to the top of your building to board it. It seems and sounds incredible and yet this is a fact. At its Uber Elevate conference held in Los Angeles, the company finally rolled out its detailed plan. Uber has already started working on a brand new air traffic control system in collaboration with NASA. Not only that but as you read agreements are being signed by governments, engineers, real estate giants, aircraft manufacturers etc.

Uber aims to roll out its first Air Taxi by the year 2023. These air taxis will have a unique design with four stacked rotors for providing the lift. Along with that, there will be one more rotor on the tail which shall provide forward propulsion. Uber air taxis will be able to lift vertically and will also be significantly quieter. Their expectant height of operation will be around 1,000 to 2,000 feet above the ground.

Infrastructure Requirements

The main infrastructural requirements include getting certification for the air taxi, building sky ports, pilot training, building an air traffic control system etc. But if you look at the overall picture then these are just small hurdles. The main hurdle was getting acceptance of the idea which Uber has already managed with flying colors.

Uber Air A Step Into The New Future

Uber Air heralds a new future. Their short-range electrically operated aircraft will be a blessing for our congested roads and polluted environments. In the long run, Uber plans to ensure that using their air taxi turns out to be cheaper than using your own car.   

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