Late Monday the White House announced that it would be canceling Tuesday’s planned visit by the Philadelphia Eagles to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. The entire Eagles team was not planning on attending the ceremony at the White House.

Owner Jeffery Lurie and a smaller delegation were planning on going to DC. The White House said the reason for the cancelation was because so many of the Eagles player disagreed with Trump’s comments about standing for the national anthem. The Eagles did not know about the cancelation until the White House’s announcement.

The Eagles have been outspoken

Over the last few seasons, the NFL has seen many of its players kneel, or raise a fist during the National Anthem. Players said they were doing it to protest police brutality, and the Eagles were one of the more most outspoken teams. After the NFL announced, it was going to force players to stand next season Eagles’ players were quick to speak out against the new rule.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins criticized the new rule callings the owners’ decision to “thwart the players’ constitutional rights to express themselves.” Jenkins swore to “fight on” shortly after the new policy was announced.

Defensive end Chris Long called the owners “afraid of the President.” Jenkins, Long, and former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith worked with lawmakers in Pennsylvania to reform the criminal justice system.


Did Trump force the players to stand

Trump has been one of the loudest and vocal critics of players kneeling during the National Anthem. The President has suggested that players who kneel should leave the country and called them sons of bitches. Trump’s outspoken criticism is thought to be one of the reasons the NFL changed its kneeling policy. Vice President tweeted out “#Winning” after the NFL announced the new policy.

Pennsylvania responds

Senator Bob Casey and Philly Mayor Jim Kenney both came out with strong statements against Trump’s latest decision. Casey called it a “political stunt” and invited the players to the state capitol. Mayor Kenney said that the “President is not a true patriot.” The Eagles have not announced if there will be a replacement event held on Tuesday.

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