As the year comes to an end, we often reflect on the months passed. This is s great opportunity as long as you’re being objective and looking at what you have achieved as well as what you’ve yet to achieve. Please don’t be too hard on yourself, I implore you! There are very good reasons why you lack the motivation to take action to get healthy, get wealthy and get on with living a vibrant life, and I’ve outlined them below.

Self-help or Self-harm?

Beware of self-helpers promising quick fix solutions. Sadly, not everyone in this industry has your best interests at heart and are exploiting your insecurities, fears and self doubts to make themselves rich. Be discerning whom you’re allowing to inhabit your mind and your pocket. Ask yourself; Are they transparent about their process? How can I know if they’re the right fit for me? Without the proper support, self-help can cause more damage than you realize.

Oppressive Personal Belief Systems

We all create systems to help define ourselves and our world, mostly they’re based on external stimuli, and we’re forever gathering evidence to prove these beliefs. Constantly reading isolated lists on how to be this or that only serves to augment self-limiting beliefs with the implication that you’re not good enough, or you don’t know enough, or even that you’re not happy in your life!! Don’t buy into the hype.

Lopsided Goals

How we set our goals is a major factor to us achieving them. Goals without emotion are usually based on ‘by now, I should have X, Y and Z’. It’s imperative you know how you want to feel once you’ve reached your goal. In this way, your goals align with your truth, making them balanced and therefore more likely to be realized.

Look out for fuller explorations of these issues at over the coming weeks. Your input is much appreciated, so please comment below with any questions or specific points you’d like mentioned. Sharing your story will help others immensely, so don’t be shy.

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