Move over, Les Moonves. You’re out as CEO at CBS. Tony Romo is taking your place.

The retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback is already running the NFL on CBS. He might as well run the network, too.

Forget that Romo is a rookie broadcaster. He sounds like a veteran broadcaster and a veteran producer. Romo was the voice of authority during the Cincinnati Bengals-Pittsburgh Steelers game Sunday. He had these gems while working the game with longtime play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz.

“Would be nice if I could hear the guys from the studio.”

“If the CBS people would ever show a replay.”

“If the CBS guys could just show me the first-down line, I could show you guys what I’m talking about.”

Damn, Rook! You are far more than a first-year football analyst. You are in charge. The network is all yours.

“Julie Chen, Mrs. Moonves, is out as host of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Talk.’ The new host of both shows is Candice Crawford Romo, my wife. Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert and Carrie Underwood will stay with ‘The Talk.’  Wait. Carrie is someone from my past. That’s something to ‘Talk’ about. I meant to say Sheryl Underwood.”

“We’re remaking the new comedy ‘9JKL.’ It will have a new name, ‘9ARR.’ Nine is my jersey number and my full name is Antonio Ramiro Romo, so this show will be all about me. The actor who plays me will be more popular than Benicio del Toro, frequently mistaken for another Antonio.”

“Get ready for ‘Young Dalton.’  The series will follow 9-year-old Andy Dalton and the hilarity that happens when classmates call him ‘The Red Rocket.’  Jim gave me the idea during Sunday’s telecast, when he called the Bengals quarterback ‘The Red Rocket’ instead of ‘The Red Rifle.’ I cracked up. So did social media. People had more fun with this than with jokes about Jessica Simpson jinxing me when I was a Cowboy.”

“We’re getting rid of Stephen Colbert and James Corden.  I’ll take over their slots with a show called ‘120 Minutes.’  I talk so much during  games, I get in Jim’s way. I need two hours of my own.”