Recently, I visited Singapore for a long weekend and I have to be honest, I was so scared for my bank balance. Leading up to the trip, everyone that I asked about Singapore who had been there previously didn’t hold back in telling me that it was going to cost a fortune, so of course I was a little nervous.

Now I can say I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I have to say, the t-shirt was not as expensive as I was told! Yes you can easily spend thousands there if you wanted; however, I also discovered that you could spend virtually nothing and still have an amazing time!

Here are a few things that I experienced that cost me next to nothing:


Gardens by the Bay
This is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Singapore next to the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. So you’d think that such an amazing attraction would cost the same amount as a small house, it costs nothing. You can walk around the gardens and take in the amazing sights, sounds and smells of the gorgeous flowers and these huge mind blowing Super Trees. You could easily spend 3 hours here marvelling in all its magnificence.

Esplanade Theatre
This theatre is right in the heart of the city offering its guests an eye popping rooftop view where you can see all of Singapore. The theatre showcases free shows that you can watch on a first come first served basis. So its fun for all of the family. You can watch the sun go down over the amazing city without spending a single dollar.

Hawker Markets
These local markets are a life saver! You will find them all around the city. They are food markets where you can divulge in local cuisine for no more than $3.50 per meal. The food tastes amazing and you really get a feel for the local culture.

So if Singapore isn’t on your bucket list because you thought it would be too expensive, you need to get it on there.

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Blanaid May
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