As a blogger or a website owner, you must have heard a lot about backlinks. But what exactly are these and why are they so important? Not only that but what is considered to be a good quality backlink? Today I shall try and answer these not so little points in as few words as possible.

Backlink Is …
In layman terms, when one webpage associates or links to any other webpage it is called a backlink These are also known as incoming or inbound links. So, it would not be wrong to say that a link which connects two websites is a backlink.

Backlinks Are Important …
Do not underestimate the power of backlinks. These are very critical to the search engine ranking of your website. But that is not all that backlinks are good for. These indeed help in faster indexing of your website and also aid in bringing more referral traffic that has low bounce rate. Hence, backlinks are important and building them is neither wastage of time nor energy.

Quality Backlinks
Now you know what backlinks are and why are they important. It is time to now grasp the fact that only quality backlinks are going to help you. Google has a special algorithm called the “Penguin Algorithm”. This algorithm identifies those sites that are trying to fool Google through spamming. So, having backlinks to poor websites is not going to help increase your website ranking anymore. On the contrary, your website might be deemed spammy.

What you need now are quality backlinks that come from industry leaders or other websites that have related content. Therefore, your goal should be to try and attract the attention of authoritative websites or people to your own. Now, this task is not easy so don’t look for an easy way out. You need to start writing better and maybe bigger (if you are writing less than 1000 words), start commenting and sharing, do follow-ups wherever necessary, submit your posts to other web pages and directories etc. All in all, hard work is the key to the success of your website. Spamming will only land you in trouble.

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