It could be argued that Terrell Owens was the greatest wide receiver of all time. There’s no doubt that he’s at least one of the greatest to ever play the game. However, the first and second times around TO wasn’t elected to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. Instead, Owens had to wait three years longer than he should have. Recently it was announced that Owens would be part of this year’s upcoming class, but T.O. announced that he would not be attending the ceremony.

Owens’ rocky relationship with NFL

Throughout his career, Owens was one of the best receivers in the game. On any Sunday that he stepped on the field he was the best player. He put together some of the best seasons any receiver has had and took over games.

However, T.O. was also a distraction in nearly every locker room he was in. Owens would bad mouth his quarterback, cry at press conferences, and be a headache for every franchise that signed him. His career didn’t end with a bang it ended with a whimper. He went to the AFL for a season, got another chance with the Seahawks but was cut in the preseason.

Despite the amazing stats he put up, Owens was passed over for the Hall of Fame multiple times. Owens blamed it on the narrative the media had formed about him and misconceptions about him as a person. Owens and even former coaches argued that the Hall of Fame wasn’t looking at what they should be looking at.

But now that the time is here to be enshrined TO had decided not to attend the ceremony. TO released a lengthy statement saying that he appreciates the opportunity, but wanted to celebrate the day elsewhere. The Hall said that it respected Owen’s decision, but also said it was “unprecedented” and were “disappointed.”

Owens talks

Owens done with NFL?

Even at 44 years of age and nearly a decade out of the game, Owens believes he can still play. In fact, Owens has been tweeting out to teams to sign him and worked out with current NFL players. So far no team has shown any interest.