Are you an intrepid traveler? Do you enjoy traveling a lot? It is known that intrepid tourist gets tired of visiting the usual historical sites, museums and open-air markets. However, there is something left to do that is heading underwater. As the scuba divers who are free to explore the underwater as they wish, snorkeling is quite easy even for kids and fun for the most explosive traveler. Snorkeling is a great opportunity for you to interact with nature be if you want to get close with a friendly shark or just exploring the undersea life. There are numerous awesome undersea spots where you can visit and have a chance to engage yourself in snorkeling. We have listed the best snorkeling destinations spots in the world.

  1. Key West; Florida, USA

It is about a hundred mile square park comprised of open water and small islands. It has the world renown coral reefs and very clear waters. The dive spots present an opportunity to explore the coral habitats and the seagrass. It has eight spots which snorkelers and even the divers can enjoy. It offers awesome snorkeling spots.

  1. The Big Island; Hawaii, USA

About the whole Hawaiian archipelago has amazing snorkeling spots surrounding it. However, the Big Island cover more land in square footage compared to the coverage of all the other islands when combined. Therefore it offers most. There is an underwater state park located at Kealakekua Bay. It has both technicolor coral as well as colorful fish. It also has a good bit of history as in it marks the spot which Captain James Cook made his landing on the island. There are turtles, dolphins and colorful species of fish near Captain Cook’s Statue. If you want more undersea adventure, you can head towards the crystal waters at Honaunau Bay. You will explore coral gardens, tropical fish, and dolphins. It has excellent snorkeling spots.

  1. The Santa Catalina Island: California, USA

It offers some the most awesome undersea spots for snorkeling. The island is about twenty-five miles from the Long Beach Coast of California. There are some proper services providing dive shops. The visitors can take a guide, day or night, or a boat with snorkeling set from the shops. The popular locations of the spot are the Casino Point and Lover’s Cove marine reserves. You will see a lot of fish and very beautiful undersea life.

  1. Kankakee: Illinois, USA

Haigh Quarry in Kankakee town is a host to all sorts of divers and snorkelers. However, it seems unusual to associate Illinois with snorkeling. At around 1960, Haigh Quarry used to be a limestone mine from which stone was supplied for bases of highways and stones for foundations for structures. At the beginning of the 1970’s the mining stopped and the quarry was left abandoned for many years. A person by the name Jim Haigh purchased the land in 1978 and unplugged some pumps left behind by the mining company. In three years time, the quarry was already filled by the spring fed water. The first dive shop was set up in 1992. It offers human-made snorkeling spots.

  1. Peanut Island. Florida, USA

It is yet another amazing snorkeling site located in Florida. It is situated at the mouth of the inlet of Lake Worth. It has got shallow but very clear waters. This makes it perfect for you as a snorkeler to come and experience the adventure. During the snorkeling tours, the visitors and tourist do kayak from Riviera Beach to the island. As the kayakers paddle, they can as well take the skyline of the great Palm Beach. Once you are on the island, you can either swim, snorkel or just relax. If you would like to hike, there are brick pathways which have encircled the island which you can climb against.

  1. The Block Island: Rhode Island, USA

Are you in the USA and wondering what other destination to take for snorkeling? There is the Block Island. It is only a forty-five-minute ferry ride, located south of the mainland of Rhode Island. It is commonly called the Bermuda of the North. They are abundant reefs in the water surrounding the island. This makes it the best places for you to snorkel. The coral reefs provide shelter for the fish and also the continental shelf is short. With such, you as a snorkeler will have some good visibility and not just see the sand but even go in the height of summer. The water at Block Island is usually cold even in the summer season. You can barely endure it during any other season.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef: Australia

It is senseless to talk of the best snorkeling worlds’ spots without mentioning the worlds’ largest coral reef ecosystem; Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The coral reef is comprised of about two thousand nine hundred individual reefs which stretch for over one thousand, four hundred miles off the shore of Australia. The material such as, eye-popping coral, barracuda, brilliant marine life, manta rays and the remains of ships that have crashed on the reef, all combined make the Great Barrier Reef a destination which ocean aficionados all must visit. To start your exploration at an easy place, head towards the Whitsunday Islands which are off the shore of Queensland.

  1. Palawan; Philippines

It is quite an assumption that the Philippines is not a snorkeling destination. Quite astonishing is has great snorkeling spots. The water surrounding the seven thousand islands of the archipelago makes up a diverse eco-system filling it with different species of breathtaking undersea life. The opportunities of enjoying snorkeling are great at Palawan. By diving into the Donsol Bay, you can swim alongside with the whale sharks or tour the coral reefs on the outskirts of Noa Noa Island. The magnificent Palawan Island has something for each snorkeler.You can get to dive into the Honda Bay, visit the fish-filled lagoons, visit the Tubbataha reef and also plan a day trip so you can meet the undersea creature at Cowrie Island and Starfish.

  1. Komodo Island, Indonesia

The island is well known for its inhabitants;- the giant lizards. Apart from just that, Komodo has other fascinating creatures underwater and snorkeling spots. You can head towards Pink Beach and swim with rays, schools of grouper species, and even explore the hawksbill turtles usually in the undersea garden. You can also visit the surroundings of the sea such as Komodo National Park. The park offers over a thousand fish species, fourteen types of endangered whales, giant turtles, dolphins and two hundred types of coral. To add to the list, there are rays, flourishing coral reef, and sharks to make your tour much more enjoyable.

  1. The Ambergris Caye, Belize

It is the largest barrier reef stretching a hundred and eighty-five miles. It has many opportunities since it comes with eels, bright colored fish, and rays. It has hundreds of atolls and caves that decorate the Caribbean Coastline, with lots of pretty coral beneath the turquoise water. Some of the world-renowned snorkelers and divers are fond of Ambergris Caye.

The places listed are around the earth, and they are truly magnificent. They offer paradisiac, exotic and eccentric beauty, therefore, giving you a relaxing and soothing experience. However, each of the spots has it owns unique feature which is worth exploration.


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