The North American Bitcoin Conference marketed itself as a premier, must-attend event for anyone involved with blockchain technology or looking to learn. Held in Miami from January 17-19, it featured blockchain CEO’s, ICO pitches, and a plethora of expert panels. Naturally, this came with a hefty price tag of $500-1000 depending on when you purchased your ticket. Who wouldn’t pay that, the networking and value-add to your Rolodex are easily worth the investment. Right?

Well, maybe not as much for the women that spoke and attended the event.

The conference organizers thought it would be a good idea to have their end of day networking event at E11EVEN, a well-known Miami strip club. And it rightfully caused an uproar. Here’s just one of the tweets:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that the event organizers put out a “politically correct” statement on the matter. However, not only was it too late, it didn’t change anything.

I don’t ascribe to many of the modern day feminists one-liners used to put down men, however, any sane person can realize the ridiculousness of holding this networking event at a strip club. Making the blockchain community more inclusive will only speed up future innovation.

I’m a male in tech and I’m not cool with this. If you’re a man in tech and didn’t think twice about this, here’s your reminder.

I think Roni Rose said it well in her appearance on the Crypto 101 podcast (embedded below) – we are in the beginning stages of the blockchain revolution, we shouldn’t do things to alienate women now and then be forced to make up for it later.