Yes, it’s that time of year again; the weather’s colder, the days are darker, and the pressure is on to prepare for the upcoming festivities. Everywhere you look there are Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, talk of New Year…. Sadly though, for some of us, there are those that are alone, homeless, or going through some traumatic time. So let’s be mindful of those who aren’t so fortunate, and as it’s the season for giving, here are some simple ways you can make a difference right now.

5 tips to get you started:

Care Package – I read about these, and they’re a brilliant idea!  It’s basically a little bag of necessities. Get creative and put together a few things for someone sleeping out in the cold this season. i.e socks, wipes, wooly hats, scarves, etc.

Practice Mindfulness  – When life gets busy, we often get caught up in our own world and lose awareness of other people. Check in with friends and family living alone, a quick text and a friendly voice goes a long way.

Feed Someone – Not everyone’s lucky enough to eat 3 times a day, let alone healthy food. Pack an extra lunch for someone you know who needs a meal.

Liquid Elixir  – Imagine you’re out on a cold day and your hands are freezing, then, you wrap them around a hot cup of coffee, watch the steam rise and lean in to take a sip…mmmm. Ok, it doesn’t have to be coffee, but you get my drift. Warm someone’s cockles with a hot drink and share the love.

Donate!  – We’re a nation of consumers and more often than not, hoarders. Many of us have more than one winter coat, not to mention a few forgotten pieces of clothing. Give them to someone who can actually use them, or the salvation army, or donate to a charity shop. What are you keeping them for?

Make a difference in someone’s life today, it’ll not only impact their world, it will impact on yours too. How do you make a difference?

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Abby Hussein
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