In running a business, building a career, or just about anything in alignment with your success, organization is truly key. Since very young I’ve held true that organization is the difference between the things we do being a success or a failure. We can even begin to see the effects of organization (or the lack thereof) at the childhood level.

For example, say you and your friends want to build a medieval kingdom, and this kingdom requires various parts strategically paired together – but you didn’t have a system for how you put your toys up from the last time you played with them. So, the farm parts of the kingdom are jumbled in with the church parts, and the parts that make up the moat are missing pieces. The failure to categorize and organize the pieces of the kingdom and put them away accordingly has in this instance prevented you from being able to create a spectacular, complete kingdom. It may sound infantile at a glance, but so is disorganization if you think about it.

When people ask me what helped me the most in creating and maintaining my publication my answer has always been organization. There are so many instances where organization can not only affect the success of something but being organized often just makes life easier!

When you set up systems of organization, it allows you to pull action items as you need them and focus on showing up the way you need to – allowing you to live life. Who has time to search extensively for things day to day, and why would you want to when you can simply locate it within an organized system based upon need?

Even down to daily duties, staying organized can make or break your day. If you have 10 things to get done, what are the odds of you remembering all 10 things you have to do, in the order or with the urgency that it needs to get done? Whether your method of organization involves checklists, calendars, cloud storage, or simply filing, you will see how much more in control of life you become when you become more organized.

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