With the New Year comes new resolutions to ‘get in shape’ and ‘eat more healthy’, if you call in this category this is the article for you!

1. Corn tortilla
It’s the perfect diet food! Cornflour has fewer calories, fat, sugars and less sodium compared to wheat flour. The best part is that it also serves up double the fiber. In fact, just two corn tortillas cover 25% of your daily fiber requirement. The end result? A flatter tummy.

Try adding ham, pineapple, and cheddar to your tortillas for a tasty treat.

2. Red pepper
Sprinkle tasty red pepper on your food for flavor, but also to curb your appetite. Its spicy elements burn fat cells much like exercise! Besides boosting your metabolism and decreasing hunger, red pepper flakes also decrease pain and may be an ally in the fight against prostate cancer.

Try cod with a red pepper, pineapple, fennel, lime sauce – you won’t be disappointed.

3. Fennel
Don’t eat it just because it’s delicious and only 27 calories per cup, but because it also helps burn the calories of the meal it’s in instead of storing them as fat. Fennel will also take care of your indigestion, relieve your cramps and support eye function. What are you waiting for?

Try cod, fennel, pineapple kebabs on corn tortillas – don’t forget the red pepper!

4. Pineapple
This sweet, tropical fruit is full of bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme for your peptic system. Of course, it also boasts heavy doses of potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, and fiber. Eat your pineapple and leave indigestion and bloating behind!

Try oatmeal with yogurt, brown sugar and pineapple – yummy!

5. Cod
Research shows that people consuming this lean protein weigh less. This could be attributed to the wealth of vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, protein, choline, niacin, potassium, vitamin B6, molybdenum, pantothenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids.

Try adding onions, tomatoes, and raisins for a spectacular dish!