In the mountains of Malaga, the Autumn sun was warm.  The scenery was stunning, the reservoirs glistened full of clear blue water.

Our maps showed us there was a river nearby.  We headed to find a camp spot.

We arrived at the desired destination, the sights of mountains, farmland and greenery all around told us we were in a good place.  There was just one thing missing, the river.  Where water had once been there was now a trail of young trees.  Spain’s continuous rise in temperatures has resulted in more and more of the countries rivers drying out.  The height of the trees showed that it happened some time ago yet the size of area that the water used to flow was vast and the signs of a river bed still there.  Around what was once river banks remains an open space, a large area with a trodden path running along the edge, popular with walkers.

We found a spot hidden away amongst the bushes that was perfect for our tent.

We sat for a while, drinking tea and taking photographs, watching the wildlife and the birds that seemed to fly over as though still following the river.  Birds of prey flew overhead as the sun set.

As darkness came and the walkers left, we set up our camp.  Putting up our tent and laying out the sleeping bags we cooked risotto on our small stove and enjoyed some Spanish whisky.

The night was silent, only the occasional sound came from the bushes or a car passing through on the nearby road.

Morning came, sunlight poked at the tent, unzipping it we found a layer of frost had settled.  Everywhere was covered with a layer of glistening white. Thankful that we had slept in warm clothes we ate our breakfast and drank coffee, waiting for the sun to thaw and dry our tent.

Hidden away we heard the morning walkers but they could not see us.

It may be sad that this river has been lost but at least the land was not bare.  New plants, trees, birds and creatures have moved in and made it their home instead.

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Jennifer is a writer for various websites mainly on the topics of travel, leisure, and whiskey mainly around Europe. She is originally from England, now living in Spain. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found swimming or snorkeling during the summer and hiking in the mountains, equipped with a rucksack and tent during the winter months. You can visit her at, and