Unless you’ve been living in hiding for the past few decades, you’ve witnessed the digital dominance not just within our everyday lives, but within business. Within this, we can sometimes become enthralled with social media and perhaps even a bit obsessed. This can sometimes lead to feeling overwhelmed – especially in business where you feel the need to show up everywhere and dominate every social media platform.

Conquering online brand presence can get really tricky and in-depth, but for the most part, everyone wants their business or personal brand to gain as much exposure as possible online or through social media. The more platforms you use to market the more business you’ll ultimately gain, right? Not necessarily so. You want to be as strategic as possible when it comes to social media because the truth is that it’s already very populated. Everyone is competing to be seen so you want to go to the right places.

There are many things you can consider when it comes to choosing the right social media platforms for your business. The first is what kind of business you have. Are you a visual artist of some sort? If so, you’ll want to find a platform where images are king. If you’re in a business that deals with written content, you may want to find a place where people are constantly consuming words in high volumes. Considering your industry is extremely important when deciding what platforms to use to promote your business.

Second, you may want to consider the users. Where do your potential customers typically dwell? It’s pointless using a platform for teenagers if you sell products for middle-aged men. Of course, there are always exceptions to these rules. Lastly, consider the popularity or relevance of the platform. The cold, hard truth is that some platforms, apps, etc. are just not popular anymore. You have to change with the times and show up where people are today.

In general, it can be extremely effective to do your research, perhaps test some different platforms out, and narrow your marketing channels to the platforms that prove themselves to be most effective for you or your business.