Mint and cinnamon offer much more than just a pleasant aroma. Discover the many health benefits provided by smelling popular herbs and foods you use every day.


Reduces hunger and increases energy levels.

Research has shown that those consuming mint every day feel less hungry and consume fewer calories in comparison to those who do not. Additionally, mint gives you the energy you need to complete your daily activities and exercise. The Journal of Sport & Exercise shows that young athletes boosted their performance in doing push-ups after simply smelling mint.


Improves memory.

How many times have you forgotten to pick something up at the supermarket or your email account password? With everything on your mind, rosemary can help you not forget your responsibilities and other useful information that makes daily life easier. After research conducted at Northumbria University, experts now confirm that those who smelt rosemary essential oil performed better on memory tests and were less inclined to be forgetful.


Relaxes you.

An article in Chemical Senses maintains that vanilla helps us feel more calm and happy. One study found that 63% of patients waiting to get an MRI and find out if they have cancer, felt less anxiety if they smelt vanilla before going in for the procedure.


Boosts energy and alertness.

If you need to change your mood fast, try sniffing some citrus. Studies reveal that lemon scents, in particular, reduce stress levels and leave you feeling good. This is in part because we have associated lemon with cleanliness and pleasantness.


Helps you concentrate.

Researchers at the University of Wheeling Jesuit discovered that when you smell cinnamon, you can focus better and more effectively when working. This useful nugget should come in handy next time you are struggling to finish a project!

SOURCEPhoto: The Mediterranean Chef
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