Over the last week, Kanye West has been extremely active on Twitter. The rapper has been tweeting out his support for President Trump, the Make American Great Again movement, and showed off a photo of his signed MAGA hat. After some criticism, Kanye also sent out his support for Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ rights, but his intentional Trump tweets are what attracted the most attention. Some people, including President Trump, supported the tweets, while others expressed concern for Kanye’s health. The rapper does have a history of mental illness, and some of his tweets had strange language like “dragon energy.”

West went on the defense and even sent out a screenshot of his text messages with fellow musician John Legend. Legend expressed concern for West’s views and told West to think about the influence his tweets could have over his fans. Kanye accused Legend of trying to “manipulate my free thought.” The two musicians were later seen together at a baby shower and sent out a photo of the two smiling together.

Kanye still wasn’t done sending out odd and confusing tweets. West called Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, his “hero.” West tweeted out a photo of Gonzalez and then sent out a selfie entitled “inspired by Emma.” Less than two hours later Emma wrote that James Shaw Jr. was her hero. Earlier in the week, Shaw took a gun away from a man who opened fire in a Waffle House outside of Nashville. He also raised $200,000 for the victims of the mass shooting.

West did not directly respond to Emma but did retweet two videos from conservative political consultant Ali Alexander. The two videos seemed to be a response to fans that criticized West. Kanye also released a new song entitled “Ye vs. The People” featuring T.I. In the song, West defends his behavior and claims he’s given MAGA a new direction. T.I, who is no fan of Trump, uses the song to debate West and call his actions “selfish” and “bullheaded.”