Selfllery is a social platform that promises a huge amount of user-made monetized visual content (photos, videos, streams).

It’s intended to work like this: users register on the platform. They take photos or videos and submit them on the platform. The platform then rewards these users with YOU tokens (internal platform currency) for the Likes they receive. That way everybody has the potential to win tokens just by submitting quality content that other users Like.

Selfllery’s team has a few more features planned. One of those is a stock photo gallery with all of the content submitted on the platform with a fast and reliant search function. Companies, news agencies, and users will have the ability to browse the gallery and purchase the content they like. Another one is the Photoquest – an event organized by the project developers, in which users are assigned the task of taking a photo of a certain object, scenery or animal in a set amount of time. When users complete the task or tasks, depending on the complexity of the Photoquest, they get YOU tokens.

Selfllery will be available for advertisers as well. They will have the ability to purchase content to use in promoting their products or brands. Photo Contests can be launched by companies or brand owners that want to attract attention to their brand. They specify the winning conditions and then users start submitting the content they’ve created for the contest. The prize pool for such events will depend largely on the number of participants.

The company promises to donate 10% of its revenue to charity. The currency within the platform is the YOU token – an ERC20 token, built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. YOU tokens can be withdrawn to an Ethereum wallet or used within the platform. Currently, they are at Pre-Sale Round C and have raised around 1 500 000 YOU tokens, with a Soft Cap of 10,000,000 YOU and a Hard Cap of 55,000,000 YOU. Buying 1000 YOU will cost you 1 ETH. The minimum investment amount during pre-sale is 10 ETH. The project is expected to be fully completed near the end of 2018.

You can read more specifics in the detailed article on Selfllery here.