Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams released a full-album cover of Taylor Swift’s “1989” four years ago and the publicity that came with it was the story that before Adams took on Swift, he recut all by himself the classic 1968 Rolling Stones album “Beggars Banquet.”

“Sympathy for the Devil,” “Street Fighting Man” and “Stray Cat Blues” are among the Stones’ best-known songs and all three can be heard on the band’s “Beggars Banquet.”

You’ll never hear the Adams version of “Beggars Banquet” because the story goes that he taped over it, but his next Stones project will be heard soon.

On May 5, Adams will perform the Stones’ epic 1972 double album “Exile On Main St.” at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans.

The concert is billed as “Exile On Bourbon St.” because the Saenger is just three blocks from the intoxicated heart of the French Quarter and the show title is a nice play on words. If you love to drink and have no obligations, you would want to be exiled on Bourbon St.

Plans for “Exile On Bourbon St.” were announced March 28 and I was excited to hear the news.

I’m not an Adams fan, but this unique event that will include NOLA musicians seemed too good to pass up. I’m a longtime Stones fan, “Exile On Main St.” is one of my vinyl favorites and I always enjoy hearing artists do cover songs..

I was eager for a night of “Tumbling Dice,” “Rocks Off,” “Happy,” “Rip This Joint” and 14 other covers until I went online to see the ticket prices. I was expecting the cheapest seats would be $45, my budget per ticket before surcharges.

I balked at $69.50 apiece for two balcony seats, one for me and the other for my wife. At $139, not including service fees, I decided to stay exiled on our Gulfport street until I had second thoughts.

I went back to a couple of online sites two days later intending to buy two $69.50 tickets, but all those tickets were gone and they were the lowest priced. The seats remaining now are $139 to $409 in the orchestra section.

Ridiculous! I’ll be at home May 5 listening to the Stones on my Crosley player.

Not going to “Bourbon St.” reminds me of my ticket blunder 47 years ago. I was 20 years old and drove from Gulfport to New Orleans for two tickets to see The Who at The Warehouse. The other ticket would be for my brother, Mike, who was 17.

The only place I knew selling tickets in advance was a West Bank record store. I was worried the store had sold out its allotment and was relieved when the clerk told me he had two tickets.

The anticipation and excitement were starting to build: Mike and I were going to see Pete Townshend and his boys playing such sonic wonders as  “Young Man Blues,” “Behind Blue Eyes” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

My problem was I didn’t have enough money for two tickets. I had just $10 in my wallet and went back home with no tickets.

Mike and I never saw The Who at The Warehouse.

The price of the tickets: $6.50 apiece and no extra fees.

Last week, Mike posted on Facebook this picture of a ticket stub. Not his and not mine.

I’ve been kicking myself since 1971 and one day I may do something similar over $69.50 and extra fees.

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John E. Bialas
John, 67, is retired from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun Herald newspaper in Gulfport, Miss., after a 45-year career there in which he was a sportswriter, weekend sports editor, book reviewer, rock music critic, copy editor, blogger, Facebook administrator and award-winning headline writer and page designer. He lives in Gulfport with his wife, Patricia, and writes the blog Pictures of Tilly which you can find at