Rise surged 7x a couple of days ago. Is it a good investment opportunity today?

I wouldn’t buy Rise.

No one knows what caused the pump – might have been an inside job, a PnD group, a whale, etc…

There has been no news and no development of any kind. For all we know, the price will fall back to where it was prior the pump. Among other alarming posts, there’s this one: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1445947.msg21401934#msg21401934 tells a story how the developers let the project die, then came back a year later to promise new things in order to avoid litigation but don’t plan to do anything about it. The GitHub project seems to have sparse activity (most commits are changes of a few words in the code here and there – from 5 and 12 days ago). I also see on slack that many people can’t access their wallet or have been locked out of their account. On bitcointalk, one person complains that they haven’t been paid their bounty from a year ago.

If the price goes up from here, it would likely be purely based on speculation. People see, “its going to the mooooooon” and “buy the dip” and then dive in blind. With so many other good projects to invest in, I wouldn’t be betting my money on Rise.

Furthermore, Rise started out by cloning Lisk’s codebase. You can read a discussion about the difference between the two here – https://www.reddit.com/r/Lisk/comments/6x5vzi/lisk_vs_rise_coin/ and a visual comparison between their features – https://steemit.com/crypto-news/@steemurkel069/rise-a-better-lisk-what-do-you-think – but we don’t know how much of this has been actually developed (just more reasons to stay away).

Some last minute positives? Rise promises to allow for the creation of decentralized apps atop the ecosystem it provides. It allows the creation of smart-contract-backed apps to be in the most popular programming languages. It has user-centric practical features such as a username on the blockchain, a contact list, multi-signature groups, smart contracts, easy to create and use dapps, storage, token creation – which all provide for a great utility. And there are two projects already in development using the Rise platform – a decentralized competitor for Airbnb and an online casino.

Read the full report here https://cryptohydra.com/crypto-reports/rise-rise/

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, it is merely an opinion for informational purposes. Investing is a risky matter, people should do their own research and we are not liable for potential losses.

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Kaloyan Roussev
An Android developer with a wide entrepreneurial background, Kaloyan has now developed a keen interest in Cryptocurrencies as a mid-term investor. He is also the author and owner of CryptoHydra.com.