Major developments emerged in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of ties between the Trump campaign and Russian meddling. Biggest of all, the indictment of former campaign chair Paul Manafort, concerns are growing among Republicans and Democrats alike that President Donald Trump will move to fire Mueller in order to curb the investigation. Firing a special counsel in order to halt an investigation would almost certainly constitute obstruction of justice, but the question would remain: Would Congressional Republicans even care?

There have been multiple times during this administration during which Republicans have drawn lines in the sand on what Donald Trump can get away with doing, only to end up toeing the party line and biting their tongues. However, firing Mueller could push Trump across the Rubicon for some of his stronger supporters, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, who balked at the possibility of Trump firing Mueller earlier this year. First, let’s just establish that Mueller is an honorable, justice-driven man who Republicans have no reason to not trust. A Marine Officer who led a platoon in Vietnam and the second longest serving FBI Director behind Hoover, Mueller has led a career of public service that is dedicated to the defense of the law. It’s also worth noting that Mueller is a lifelong Republican, so accusations of partisan bias are moot points.

When Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, nearly every major Republican figure, from McCain to Gingrich, praised him as a worthy choice and an honorable man. Now, as his investigation looks to jeopardize the Trump agenda and administration, Republicans must defend Mueller no matter what happens. They should take action to protect him from being fired, or at least make public statements in support of the sanctity of his investigation. No matter how the investigation turns out, there is no doubt in my mind that Robert Mueller conducted it with the same thoroughness, dedication, and honor that he has served the United States with for his entire life, and it’s up to the GOP to ensure that the investigation may be completed.

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Lilly Donahue
Lilly is an undergrad at Indiana University studying law and public policy. Politically, she considers herself to be a centrist Democrat who tries to engage in consistent bipartisanship. She's also a big college football fan, dog lover, and presidential history buff. Lilly also writes occasionally for Student Union Sports about college football and basketball, particularly the Indiana Hoosiers. In the future, she hopes to run for office and currently runs a student group at IU to encourage more young women to get involved in politics.