The latest fad these days is to buy herbal products, be it in the form of medicines, supplements or cosmetics. The prime reason for this affiliation is that herbal products are considered to be natural and therefore completely safe. But let us try and explore if this is actually the truth or just a myth.

Does Herbal Mean Natural Always?

Herbs are natural; this is a fact and cannot be disputed. Herbal products are extracts of plants that are known to have beneficial properties in regards to human health. But now comes the crux of the matter. These days, herbs are being commercially grown due to their growing demand in various industries. As a result, they are being heavily treated with insect and pest repellents in order to increase production. So something that was pure in nature earlier is not so anymore. Not only is the soil polluted but so is water and air. Hence, it can be rightly said that the herbs are as pure as the most polluted element in nature.

Are Herbs Safe?

At the very beginning let’s be clear on one thing, Herbs are NOT ALWAYS SAFE. That being said let me explain why. The human body is very complex in nature and yet it can show adverse reactions to some substances. Hence, before using any herbal product it is important to know its constituents and whether you are allergic to any of them or not. All herbs have certain active ingredient. Some of these actives can react badly with over the counter drugs. Also, all herbs are not good for human health. A few like Comfrey, Chaparral etc., can cause liver failure. So there is no harm in being cautious and selective.

Most importantly, herbal vitamins and supplements are not regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Therefore, one cannot guarantee their effectiveness and safety.

My own personal thought is that chemicals are mixed in herbal products to give them a distinct fragrance, viscosity, make it soluble in a medium etc. As such, that which started out as herbal finally became chemical in composition. So be wise, do proper research and choose well.

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