Qtum is a Singaporean project, started and backed by a large team of crypto professionals. One of them, Patrick Dai, however, brings significant controversy to the table. This is because he is accused of committing a huge scam back in 2014. Among other project backers is Roger Ver, a well-known early investor in Bitcoin related startups.

Their cryptocurrency platform is a hybrid, making the best of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike NEO, smart contracts here can’t be written in most of the prominent programming languages. What they aim to achieve, is to provide an ecosystem for decentralized apps on the blockchain – putting them in direct competition with more and more projects lately.

Qtum suffered some hits and the price has dropped recently, mainly due to the FUD around China banning ICOs (temporarily) and rumors about China closing down local exchanges. There is also another crypto called Quantum (QAU) that I wrote about recently which has been a recent source of confusion. The price is currently at $11 but it has been as high as $19.

An upcoming bullish event to look towards is the launch of their Mainnet on September 13th, which has brought a lot of speculators betting on QTUM. It will also bring a GUI to their platform and later on, a mobile app is going to be released.

Several ICOs have already been carried out using QTUM and word on the street is, there are 17 more. The project and its tech are solid. They’ve delivered on their promises thus far, and there is heavy development on GitHub with roadmap milestones having been reached.

Altogether, it is hard to say whether Qtum is a good investment opportunity. I recommend that you do your own research before coming to a conclusion.

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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, it is merely an opinion for informational purposes. Investing is a risky matter, people should do their own research and we are not liable for potential losses.