French President Emmanuel Macron has become one of the few world leaders that has become friendly with President Trump.  Even though the two world leaders have had some awkward moments, including an incredibly long handshake in Paris, the Presidents seemed to be on good terms during Macron’s visit.  President Trump hosted Macron and his wife Brigitte for a State Dinner at the White House; it was the first state visit for the Trump Administration.  As a gift, Macron brought President Trump a tree which the two men planted on the White House lawn together.  The two men also shared another vigorous handshake and a kiss.  Spectators have started referring to Macron and Trump’s relationship as a “bromance.”

Only one day after visiting Trump, Macron addressed Congress and seemed to take a few shots at Trump.  The French President started off his speech by talking about the special and long relationship between the United States and France.  Macron noted that they had been allied for centuries because of their commitment to democracy.  After Macron’s short history lesson, the French President went on to criticize the policies and nationalist rhetoric of Donald Trump.

Macron’s speech turned into a sort of call to action, urging Americans to defend the world that was established after World War II and to protect the earth.  Macron started off by saying that we can choose isolationism or nationalism, but that “closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world.”  In the past Macron has been a massive supporter of organizations that bring the world together like NATO and especially the EU.  Macron also went on to call out Trump’s prosed tariffs, saying that they could destroy the middle class.

About a year ago when Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement Macron called him out and made sure to do so in his speech to lawmakers.  Macron mentioned how committed France was to staying in the deal.  He even expressed confidence that the US would rejoin the deal one day.

Macron ended the speech by again talking about the strong relationship between the two countries and said, “Together we will prevail.”